don’t always confuse “expensive” with “good”

by betsy on 25/10/2007

in Community + Creativity

I love how the internet can lead you to wonderful wonderful things.

I also love how sites can sometimes carry beautiful ideals with them.

Recently I discovered 20×200, a website created with the idea that great talent doesn’t always come with steep prices.

Every Tuesday one new photograph and one new work on paper is added to the site for purchasing in three sizes:

Small: 200 prints for $20
Medium: 20 for $200
Large: 2 prints for $2000

The site was created by Jen Bekman, who runs an eponymous gallery in New York City, and the photography contest Hey Hotshot!

What delights me most about this site is that it serves as a reminder that “expensive” does not equal “good.” By giving three different pricing options to the buyer, it allows individuals to obtain work that formerly they may not have been able to afford.

By making work available to anyone via the internet, 20×200 gives us the opportunity to see new pieces each week while also reminding us that people who love talented work come from all over the economic spectrum.

This is especially welcome as we work towards building a microconomy of our own via our creativity and are at times walking the divide between those who have and those who haven’t.

The work above is “Manshroom,” a collage by Amy Ross.
The work below is “The Faceted Couroucou,” archival pigment print by Carrie Marill.


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