Pamdora: quilts with attitude

by kath_red on 30/10/2007

in Quilting

Pam RuBert makes the most delectable quilts with attitude, the quilts are based on a cartoon charactors adventures called Pamdora, and the stories that are woven into the quilt are based on the artists life and everyday experiences. They deal with big issues like worrying about global warming or small everyday dramas like being late for a date. They are fun and dramatic, but real too and make you think and laugh all at the same time. Website and blog.

Caption: The Vintage Purse, 2005, 36″ x 58″, I love cute little vintage purses, but there’s never enough room for everything. This quilt is currently on tour with the FiberArts International 2007 exhibition. Scroll down for detail photos.

The surprise for me was that turning one of my drawings into a quilt is not just a matter of copying symbols and shapes into another medium. Each fabric I use has its own personality and brings something new to the story. The raw scissor-cut edges have a spontaneous energy that would be lost if those edges were hidden or altered by seaming or sewing. The quilted line creates three-dimensional texture and structure and at the same time, communicates two-dimensional information in the form of symbolic or decorative motifs. Quilting is a meditative process, and I like to think of the stitched line as a thread of thought wandering over the surface of the entire quilt. As I sew, my mind holds images to guide my hands and needle—images of grass, wind, water, leaves, kneecaps, noses….

Caption: Yoga 101: The Crab Dip Pose, 2006, 36″ x 50″, This quilt is currently on exhibit at Grounds for Sculpture.

Caption: Whine & Dine at Sushi Zen, 2004, 50″ x 40″, Has watching all those food shows on tv made us all a little more crazy? Who knows, but I love Asian fusion food and watching people at restuarants.

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