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by kath_red on 18/12/2007

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You Can Save the Planet by Richard Hough Published by A & C Black Publishers Ltd (July 13, 2007).

Following on from yesterdays post on greening up your christmas – this book would be a wonderful addition to your children’s ‘caring for the environment’ shelf of your home library. Teaching your children the value of caring for our planet and lowering our consumerism this christmas is a great gift – and what could be a better gift than the gift of fresh air, clean water, unpolluted rivers and lakes, etc etc.

This book is specifically aimed at children, lots of quick tips and ideas in bold bright breakout boxes are accompanied by serious information and real statistics. Its all aimed at children and what they can do to help. Along with the usual suspects of recycling there are other ways to help like having shorter showers and getting the kids to be the house water and electricity monitor. Learning about the importance of buying fair trade and the terrible state of people trading in exotic pets. It explains what carbon footprint means and talks about where our food comes from and how far it can travel from farm to plate. All of these issues are really important things to think about for kids in the world we live in.

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