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by Admin on 10/01/2008

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These worry dolls are fun and easy to make. Children of Central America would tell their dolls their worries at bedtime and then place them under their pillow. When the children wake in the morning, voila! Problems solved.

We used a large wooden bead and a long pipe cleaner to construct the body frame. Insert the long pipe cleaner through the bead, fold in half and twist to make the neck, torso and legs. The arms are made by attaching a shorter piece of pipe cleaner below the neck.

We used markers, stickers and wool to add hair and faces to the bead. Next we used masking tape to bulk up the frame. Starting at the neck, wind the tape around the pipe cleaner to form the shoulders, arms, legs and torso.

Then wrap string or yarn around the entire doll, turning up the ends of the pipe cleaners to from hands and feet. Our favourite part was rummaging through the scrap fabric to make clothes for our dolls.

About the maker:
Maggie Pie has a background in Early Childhood Education. Currently she is a stay at home mum who enjoys crafting with her kids and keeping a blog about their adventures.

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1 liz.sayer June 19, 2012 at 4:20 pm

I love this idea they cost so much to buy thank you thank you!!


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