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by kath_red on 18/01/2008

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As part of our month of crafts for children, we will be posting links to cool ideas and inspiration as well as tutorials and articles. We are still taking tutorial and article ideas for the month so please email your ideas and stories to me at whipup[at]

craftastica has an excellent tutorial about natural dyeing of eggs (easter is coming up…) – what a great project to do with your kids.

onions and red cabbage were the best, but i also had success with beets (brick red, but only after soaking for several hours — before that, a displeasing brown, alum or not), tumeric (very similar to yellow onions but less dappled and more likely to stain everything), and hibiscus tea. i expected the tea to result in purple or blue eggs, but instead got a sage green,

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1 juliastitches January 19, 2008 at 11:07 am

As a child we made these every year. It was a tradition passed on by my Latvian grandmother. I fondly remember how we attached the flowers and leaves by putting a little spit on the egg first to make them stick on, them wrap in onion leaves then carefully wrap in fabric scraps. Unwrapping after boiling was such a pleasure. We would polish with a little butter and then place on the table in a basket with some wheat grass growing underneath. If someone came to visit we would give an egg as a gift. They were meant to be purely decorative-not for eating!


2 Cathymarie January 20, 2008 at 3:48 am

The up-coming holiidays is coming up and we always look for ways to find out what families, schools, and non profit groups are planning. Each year for Easter, student’s get their break away from school and families now begin wondering what they’ll be doing for Easter. In my younger days, boiling and dying colored eggs was most exciting. My mother who loves crafts, make wonderful gives and I told her she should share her work with the world. Growing up with helping plan such activities was the memorable time of the year while helping organize chidlren’s games and prizes throughout out Easter Egg Hunting Event. And all of this can be done right at home. If your crafty like many talented mom, young ladies, and want to think of an idea of what to teach your student’s in your class, even with the various school subjects and ideas for a well planned season and greetings with the Easter Bunny, I have a wide range of affordable gifts that is suitable for all families. Drop by and visit my store. Have A Hoppy Easter……. before the groups starts jumping in quickly and while supplies last.


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