January 2008

Kids craft weekly has donated 5 copies of her book Everyday Craft , its packed with creative ideas – the projects use household items as the foundation for fun and achievable kid’s craft projects.

Everyday Craft more info here.

to win one of five copies of this great book simply leave a reply in the comments – (make sure that you write your current email address when you post your comment) answer the following questions.

Share your favourite ‘everyday’ item for crafting?
And nominate your favourite kid’s craft project?

forgot to add – comments will close at the end of the month – cheers

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photos courtesy of Creature Comforts

I was so excited to have found this great post over at Creature Comforts! EZ has a posted a tutorial, complete with downloadable PDFs and illustrated directions, for creating a personalized candy bar wrapper for the one you love! You could easily print a secret message on the inside of the wrapper, for your Valentines eyes only! Think of it as your very own golden ticket! ;)


As part of our month of crafts for children, we will be posting links to cool ideas and inspiration as well as tutorials and articles. We are still taking tutorial and article ideas for the month so please email your ideas and stories to me at whipup[at]gmail.com.

Wendi wrote in with this great letter about how she helps her 5 year old to sew – they are currently making a quilt.

Hello lovely Whip Up people! I’ve been enjoying this month’s theme of crafting with kids and I thought I’d send you a link to the post I just wrote about sewing with my daughter. She’s five and she’s been sewing with a machine since she turned four. In my post I talk about the things I do that “help” her sew (like drawing the stitching line for her to follow) and how I rigged her machine to slow it down a bit.


For more kids craft, creative ideas and activities go to the Action Pack website

This is an almost no-sew tutu project that is perfect for any kid who can tie a single knot (usually 5 years and up). This is perfect as a girl birthday party craft.

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Sophie wrote in with this letter for children’s craft month:

Something fun i did with my cousin’s kids was make a jar of hugs and kisses for their mum’s birthday. We bought some clay (that stuff you bake) in pink and red and made crosses (kisses) and circles (hugs). Then we baked them and let them cool. For the jar we picked a random one and covered the lid with pink material. Then I made a mixture of red paint and glue and helped them paint the word “MUM”. When everything was cool and dry we put the kisses and hugs the jar and finished it off with a piece of ribbon. Mum was thrilled. I did it with a 5 and 3 year old but I helped a lot.

Juliette from Chickpea studios sent in a link to this tutorial for pinwheels

Paul O’Mahony of the Siopaeile.com has recently launched the Irish Arts Blog . The blog is written by a select group of artisans from all over Ireland, who responded to Paul’s free group blog offer for Irish Artists launched last summer.

Larissa has been working her knitting book Knitalong for a while now. | March 15, 2008 | Knitalong Book Release Party | at Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks | in Portland, Oregon (Sellwood neighborhood) | late afternoon/early evening, time TBA.

Heather has some new pattern downloads available – paper globes just in time for valentines and

A new feature on Vintage Indie called What You Make of It . Kind of a twist on DIY with vintage components.

check out illusion knitting on instructables

new shopping site called Shopflick, which is launching next month – Shopflick is “eBay meets YouTube.” Sellers list their products via video; shoppers watch; and buyers click on our video player’s buy button and buy. It’s also a way of giving folks everywhere the Renegade or Felt Club (indie crafts fairs) experience via the web by meeting the creators and hearing them talk about their work.

Handmade Nation: Documenting the rise of DIY Art, Craft & Design. | Documentary Release: 2009 | Book Release: November 2008, Princeton Architectural Press | more info and updates here

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