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by kath_red on 13/05/2008

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Lip mag is an alternative ‘street’ mag aimed at young women. I dig their anti-consumer message and their focus on ‘reality’ rather than fantasy. They say:

We at lip feel that mainstream magazines do not help young women learn to deal with real life or to become culturally, politically, and environmentally aware people with strong self-esteem and individuality because of their focus on products, beauty and celebrity.

[The] subjects of fashion, sex, relationships, and glamour will be presented in a way that explores reality rather than fantasy, creativity rather than consumerism, and glamour as an inner ideal rather than a public one.

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1 Tori February 23, 2009 at 12:09 am

lip is such a great mag. It provides an intelligent alternative to the glossy mags out there.


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