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by kath_red on 14/06/2008

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101 Things for the Housewife to Do in 1949 (101 Things to Do) by Lillie B. and Arthur C. Horth, published by Batsford; Reissue edition (October 1, 2007) 101 Things to Do in Wartime 1940 (101 Things to Do) by Lillie B. and Arthur C. Horth, published by Batsford; Reissue edition (November 1, 2007)

These two cute little books are delightful gems, packed with useful tips and ideas for the housewife – and for wartime. Both of these books are a lovely insight into times gone by, but also hold useful information for today as well.

The first book – ‘for the housewife’ has some quaint chapters on how to wash and iron using electricity, decorating and arranging menus. But for the most part it has really practical and useful information on such topics as making loose covers for the couch, making lampshades, putting extra shelves in the pantry, mending electric cords, making cushions, keeping scissors and knives in good trim, first aid remedies, exterminating mice, weaving, patching linoleum. Such a huge range of useful topics – showing a real appreciation of the range of skills that a housewife in the 1940’s (and today!) needed.

The second book ‘to do in wartime’ is a useful book full of activities to keep boredom away to be thrifty and use what you have. Such topics as parlour games and table tennis, making homemade toys and puzzles, felt toys and simple crafts, puppetry and modeling, knitting and patchwork as well as economical cooking, bottling and preserving, keeping chickens, hunting rabbits, mushroom growing and gardening, first aid and saving fuel Also wartime related topics such as making lampshades for the blackout, window masking, and evacuating.

Both of these books are delightful, really easy to read, with simple black and white illustrations and photographs.

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