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by kath_red on 23/09/2008

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Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer by Nick Paparone, Jamie Dillon and Luren Jenison, published by North Light Books (June 24, 2008).

Ooh ooh, the intro really sucked me into this book, screen printing in all conditions, with any budget and with simple materials. I am in!

Screen printing does involve some materials, such as the screen itself – the silk screen is stretched onto a frame, the design is printed on the screen and then the ink is pushed through. There is more to it than that – but the basics are pretty basic. The beginning bit shows you how to make your own screen, how to burn your design on the screen using photo emulsion and how to reclaim the screen to be used over again for different designs and how to print with one colour. Printing with more colours is explained in the next section as well as how to build a t-shirt press and further along how to print onto different types of objects. The back of the book has a whole heap of inspiring info and examples of screen print art and how to get into it to make some money.

I found this book incredibly easy to understand and follow – the step-by-step photos and very simple instructions were easy to get my head around and have really inspired me to give this craft a serious go.

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