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by Admin on 31/10/2008

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Ok, did you ever think that you would like jewelry made with hardware from your husband’s stash? No, me either. Until, that is, I ran across these really cool wave washers in his tool box from Lowe’s. I said, “What the heck do you use those for?” He began to tell me “Wah, Wah, Wah,” I said “Whatever, can I have them?”. Being the wondrous hubby he is of course he let me.

I laid those things on my craft table and looked at them daily for about a week. I thought, maybe I should give them back, what am I going to do with them. Well, then it hit me. Why not use them as links in chains, just like you would any other decorative ring? I did have to fashion some handmade jump rings to accommodate the width of the washers, but besides that they were great to work with. I needed the practice on the jump rings anyway!

I am very pleased with how these worked out and hubby was impressed too. So go rummage in the tool box you never know what you may find.

Author: Dana is a married mother of two great daughters and works full time at a local veterinary hospital. She is a very eclectic crafter and never knows what she may be creating next. Her passions include beading, wirework, sewing and mosaic. You can check out her blog or my Etsy shop for more.

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1 Hannah November 2, 2008 at 1:36 pm

Your project looks great. If you like jewelry made from hardware, you should check out my book called “Hardwear, Jewelry from a Toolbox”. It’s a DIY book on jewelry made from things you can find in a hardware store. You can find it on Amazon or your local bookstore.


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