crochet a candy garland

by Admin on 14/12/2008

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Create this simple garland by crocheting the candy directly to a crochet chain. These are an easy way to brighten up your tree or holiday decor. I have mine up around my windows and they remind me of Christmas lights they’re bright in the daytime and make me happy! I got the materials for my garland at the dollar store, but you might just already have what you need on hand!

About the designer: Heather Mann brings you a daily dose of hip crafts on the cheap at Dollar Store Crafts, and is the editor and publisher of CROQ Zine.

Project Materials:
Individually Wrapped Hard Candy, $1 for 12 oz bag :: Pretty yarn (the brighter, the better!), on hand or $1 = Total cost: $2 or less

Use up your stash yarn for this! No need to buy new yarn (unless any excuse will do!)

To make:
Crochet a chain to start your garland. If you don’t know how to crochet, this is the most basic stitch in crocheting, and truly anyone can learn how to do it in a matter of minutes. [See this link for a how-to]. I started with thirty chains.

When you’re ready to attach the candy, slip the yarn off your crochet hook and around the twisted part of one side of your candy and tighten. You can add another knot here if you want for security.

Take your yarn and twist around the other side of the candy. Put your hook under the yarn that is stretched across the candy and yarn over the hook (like with a regular chain stitch) and pull through, wrapping loop around end of candy. Continue to chain (I did 15 between each candy), and repeat.

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