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by Admin on 23/01/2009

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The beginning of the new year started with some classic resolutions. Goals were written down and reviewed, inspirational new project ideas were discussed and pondered. Kids were back in school and the world lay out in front of me, ready and willing to accept my new and adorable crafts. To my dismay, the swing of things didn’t start happening. I couldn’t seem to get focused. Household chores seemed more time consuming than usual. Dishes seemed to never get washed. Dogs needed more frequent walks. What was going on? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks while passing by my office/studio space, it was a complete disaster, really.

studio before

Every project I tried to start involved some missing fabric, a misplaced tool, a runaway must have item! My mojo was stalled, writer’s block had taken over, the magic was gone. My time drifted away from me perusing other people’s blogs, design magazines, television with real life crime drama. I wasn’t creating anything, a complete contradiction of every resolution goal I so carefully laid out.

I started to dream of a streamlined space with no clutter and organization that would be marveled at by everyone who knew me. The process to get there would require hard work and utter dedication.

studio after

Deciding what stays and goes, extremely hard work! Organizing the essentials, crucial! Putting like items together, finding the perfect spot for them, exhausting! This process took one full day from morning to night.

When I was done, not only was I completely proud of myself but I felt my spirit of creativity coming back, full force. I couldn’t wait to look for specific fabric or even the stapler. My productivity of adorable items has increased and I’ve got a handle on my space and my time and that is a resolution I can live with and keep.

About the writer: Alison is a folk artist from South Dakota, she lives and works from home in her newly streamlined studio space. She shares her time with husband John, two boys and three mangy mutts. See her etsy store online gallery.

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