craft studio: getting organised pt1.

by kath_red on 31/01/2009

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All month we have had fabulous studios and crafty nooks and craft room features – I have been getting some fabulous ideas. Its obvious that one of the main resolutions for crafty folk is to reorganise, de-clutter, simplify or just get some more space in which to craft craft and craft.

Does your space look anything like these studio ‘before’ photos from the craft room flickr pool? if so read on…

planet treasures jewelry table : gemgirl art beading room : flying michelles’ craft table.

You will need to clean and declutter – Some people say that the best way to get into a declutter habit is to spend 20 mins each day working on one section of your space – don’t tackle it all at once as it can be overwhelming – give yourself a target – drawers today – fabric stash next time, notions and tools then work table and patterns etc etc – work methodically and you will eventually get to the end.

I am usually more impatient than that – I am an all or nothing gal and like to get stuck straight into it – making more mess as I go – which eventually starts to clear and finally I can see the light at the end. As my husband says “to create you must first destroy”.

Whatever your method – ask yourself a few questions as you sort – do you love it and do you need it – will you use it? Everything that is a no – then straight to the garbage bag to be donated – for the yes things then you will sorting these into categories later.

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