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by Admin on 05/04/2009

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Knitting Noro: The Magic of Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns

Knitting Noro introduces the effect of using multi-coloured wool, specifically noro yarn – a Japanese luxury yarn, which is very popular. This yarn gives even the simplest design an exclusive look all of its own.

The wide range of basic patterns in this book are suitable for the the most inexperienced knitter to achieve a garment they would be proud of. The patterns include options to enable the knitter to customise each pattern, with variations in body and sleeve length and neckline style.

Of course all the patterns are for knitting with Noro wool, but for those without access to this expensive wool, I would still recommend this book as it leaves open a whole lot of ideas for ways to use your own hand spun and hand dyed wool.

The patterns are very simple and well illustrated with good diagrams and sizing charts. They are extremely smart and stylish, and provide a good base for a learner to build on.

About the reviewer: Janette is an experienced knitter, she has been knitting and crocheting for more than 60 years, she also spins and dyes her own wool.

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