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by Admin on 10/04/2009

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Nicky Epstein’s Knitting on Top of the World: The Global Guide to Traditions, Techniques and Design by Nicky Epstein. Nicky Epstein Books (November 4, 2008).

A collection of work about the traditions, techniques and design of knitting cultures around the world

Those who are interested in different knitting techniques and style (as I am sure most who are addicted to knitting would claim to be (I know I am), will love this book. The images and patterns are luscious and extravagent, I am not sure I would actually knit all of them as they appear, however the history of the different styles and patterns is extremely interesting.


I did really love the the collection of Baltic mittens – such a gorgeous image – so intricate, quite eye catching. I was also very attracted to a beautiful small Nordic sweater suitable for a child, which I believe would be handed down through the generations. There are a few of these small sweaters, helpful in learning the different techniques of Aran, Argyle and Fair Isle classics, the patterns could possibly be enlarged to fit bigger children also.

I consider this book a treasure to own, as the history and the techniques it has within its pages are priceless, to be able to pass this kind of history down to the younger generations it would be a shame if such were to be lost. I would recommend this book to any intermediate knitter who wished to gain further skills by experimenting with these traditional techniques to create amazing designs.

About the reviewer: Janette is an experienced knitter, she has been knitting and crocheting for more than 60 years, she also spins and dyes her own wool.

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