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by kath_red on 04/05/2009

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Starting a craft blog can be a fun but also daunting prospect. If you eager to start your own craft blog or if you already have a craft blog and would like to build your audience then tune in over the coming weeks for tips and ideas on how to build a better craft blog.

Apart from writing and publishing your crafting activities on your blog regularly, commenting and reading other blogs, making your blog attractive and taking lovely photos, running competitions and craft alongs and participating in swaps and craft blog events – what else should you do to help potential readers find your blog? Below are three essential extras that will not take long to set up but will help like minded folk find your blog.

1. Email newsletter

Adding a weekly or monthly newsletter to your craft blog or crafty website is an excellent way for readers to connect with you and your website. A newsletter landing directly in the inbox gives readers a gentle reminder to stop by your blog or to pass on your details to others.

What to include in your newsletter – a bit about what you have going on at your craft blog or site – specials, competitions, craft-alongs etc. Highlight links you think readers shouldn’t miss and even give a little extra that is not included on your blog – some freebies or personal insights.

How to get this newsletter up and running? There are many e-newsletter subscription sites with different packages – The whipup newsletter is managed through feedburner and I have a subscribe button in my sidebar and one also appears in the email body down the bottom – I like it because 1. its free, 2. its simple. There are many others – many are free and many are not – Problogger has some good tips on newsletter subscription services here and here .

2. Blog syndication (aka rss feed)

To syndicate your blog is a simple matter of inserting some code or flicking a switch. Go to your admin panel in your blog software where information will be readily available. Alternatively go to a feed syndication site such as feedburner where the process is made very simple (and you can track those who access your feeds through a reader).

Why should you syndicate your blog? Doesn’t this mean that your readers never visit your blog again and simply flick through your posts in their feed reader? Well yes this certainly does happen, but this does not have to be a bad thing. If you have advertising on your blog then you may want to entice your readers to visit your blog, or they may visit your blog anyway in order to leave a comment on your post. However if you don’t have a feed then readers who do use a feed reader (and who are likely to link to your interesting posts) will not see your blog at all.

3. list your site

List your site on blog directories, social bookmarking and networking sites and craft forums. Many people search on specific topics, so it is worth tagging your site with words like diy, craft, knitting, sewing etc.

Technorati is the major blog directory site and it is worth signing up – not only can others find your site through technorati, but technorati has a blog rating which shows how your blog popularity is going and you can also see who is linking to you.

Twitter and facebook are social networking sites, it is worth setting yourself up an account, you will meet others and others will find you and your website.

If you are a knitter then adding your patterns to Ravelry and Knitting pattern central are essential. Sewers should add their blogs to the big list of sewing blogs and free needle.

Social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, delicious and wists are useful for finding interesting sites under various subjects.

There are many blog directories such as blog catalogue, best blogs, blogher and more…

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