2 books: science d.i.y. for kids

by kath_red on 20/06/2009

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Wholly Irresponsible Exploits: 65 Ways to Muck About with Science by Sean Connolly (allen unwin) and Corinthian (March 3, 2009).

A sequel to Wholly Irresponsible Experiments! (not really deserving of the irresponsible part of the title though as these are all pretty responsible). A winner of a book, just like the previous book, lots of fun – very slight danger – a bit of fire and ice here and there – but with lots of caution warnings all over the place.

With crazy projects like making a paper saucepan – is it possible to boil water in a paper cup over an open flame? Make some fake blood, light a sugar cube on fire, garlic smelling balloons, a storm in a bottle, make a straw rocket, solar powered oven and really so much more.

My husband and son got a huge kick out of doing some of these experiments as did my son’s kindergarten teacher – a book with a really broad range of appeal – although of particular interest to kids who like to experiment and who like to make stuff and who are interested in how stuff works.

Save the Earth Science Experiments: Science Fair Projects for Eco-Kids by Elizabeth Snoke Harris. Lark Books; (January 6, 2009).

You may not think science experiments are crafty – but they so are – crafting, science and the environment all mixed up together – fantastic learning fun for kids.

Mixed up with the science experiments – aimed at middle school age kids but also appropriate for younger kids with parental supervision, is lots of information about the environment, ‘our carbon footprint’, weather patterns and solar facts.

The experiments include growing plants – trialling different types of fertilisers and water absorption, making a solar still to purify salt water, make a water wheel and see how fast it can go and how much water it can lift, grow bacteria and see which disinfectant cleaners actually work, make a mini wind turbine and measure the voltage it produces – and many more…

A fantastic resource for learning about the environment and science while making stuff.

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