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by kath_red on 12/07/2009

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Kristen Rengren author of Vintage Baby Knits (read the interview here) is starting a series on her blog – all about knitting vintage and will include useful information to anyone who’s ever wanted to knit from vintage patterns – and some tips for anyone who’s ever wanted to alter a pattern to fit without losing its original style.

vintage baby knits

[Image from book Vintage Baby Knits

The first in the series is Finding, Evaluating & Understanding Vintage Patterns and to articles to follow include:

* Crash Course in Fashion History: Understanding the Era = Understanding Fit & Style
* Determining What Size to Knit and A Treatise on Ease in Vintage Patterns
* Altering Your Pattern to Fit Without Losing Its Vintage Appeal
* Choosing a Yarn to Match your Vintage Pattern
* Using Swatching as a Tool in Vintage Knitting
* But is it Yours? What You Need to Know About Vintage Patterns & Copyright

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