purple costume ideas for max

by kath_red on 27/10/2009

in Green Crafting

Letter from a reader Ellen who is asking for ideas for making a purple halloween costume for her son from a bright purple Bed, Bath & Beyond bag. please post your ideas and links to tutorials here – or head over to Ellen’s blog.

Hi, Kathreen. My name is Ellen, I recently found your blog, it’s amazingly inspirational. I’m a magazine editor; on the side, I write a blog about my little boy, Max, who has not-so-bad cerebral palsy. The blog’s pretty upbeat and, on occasion, sort of silly, because life is sort of silly.

here is an excerpt from her post;
Let’s say your little boy is obsessed with the color purple. “Ur-ul! Ur-ul!” he says approximately every 4.5 minutes, because that’s his way of saying “purple.” And let’s say you are in Bed, Bath & Beyond on a Saturday and a salesperson walks by carrying this extremely large plastic bag. And it is purple. Gloriously, stunningly purple. … You get excited. You’re not sure you felt this giddy when you registered for china. Because the wheels are spinning in your head and you are thinking, “Wow, that could make for one cool Halloween costume.” You nod enthusiastically and she hands you the bag. You have absolutely no idea what you are going to do with it, but hey, it is big. And it is PURPLE.

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