2010 calendar feature artist: Blair Stocker

by kath_red on 21/11/2009

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over the next couple of weeks we are going to find out a little more about the wonderful makers featured in the 2010 whipup calendarBlair Stocker is featured with her image of her knitting in progress.

Blair Stocker otherwise known as wise craft, lives in Seattle, Washington and her main craft is sewing and quilting.
Craft hero: Denyse Schmidt
Fave web site: Anna Maria Horner’s site is always fun, Design Sponge for home dec ideas, True Up for fabric news.


I asked all our participants to answer a few questions about their creative process:

1. When did you start making/crafting, and who or what inspired that first creative burst?
I crafted a lot as a kid, my grandmother taught me how to knit at the age of 4 (which I never fully appreciated the patience she must have had until I had my own 4 year old). I have gone through fits and spurts of crafting throughout my life since then, but I’d have to say when I had children in 1998, I really got into sewing and making all kinds of things for them. Its all just continued from there and creating is a part of my daily life now.


2. What would you say was that light-bulb moment when you discovered your ‘style’ and really hit your making stride?
Writing a blog really showed me what my own style actually is. I never stopped to take photos and talk about what I made before I started blogging, but I can look back through older posts and see there is a common thread that I never saw there before (I honestly never picked up on just how much I like blue and green, for example).


3. Why do you make – what do you get out of it?
Making things is a way to just escape. It usually requires a lot of focus, and at the same time it clears my mind. So much of my day is taken up multi-tasking, but sitting and making something really allows me to focus and relax. I also believe that when we my family uses things that are handmade that we’re less likely to look at that as disposable. It just makes us more thoughtful in that regard, which is good.

Find out more about how to get your hands on a copy of the 2010 whipup calendar here.

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