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by kath_red on 22/11/2009

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It’s My Party and I’ll Knit If I Want To! By Sharon Aris, Allen & Unwin (September 1, 2003)

A lucid, pragmatic and often entertaining treatise on why knitting is cool / popular and ‘in’. Of course knitting has been ‘in’ amongst those in the know for a while now – but it seems it is getting taken a bit more seriously with sociologist, Sharon Aris, going on a pilgrimage to find out more, discover knitting secrets and become immersed in the knitters culture. On the way she discovers a personal love of knitting and surprises herself at how knitting changed her life.

With a compelling voice questions are asked ‘is knitting the new feminism?’ (otherwise why are all her career minded friends knitting…what is going on?), ‘is knitting the new yoga?’ (discovers rehabilitation and meditation effects of knitting akin to yoga), knitting your way to ‘the good life’ (knitting for some means a return to their roots, to a more natural and handmade way of life). More chapters discuss the social aspect of knitting, the trendy side to knitting and knitting as a way many of us are reclaiming our heritage. Knitting seems to hold the answers to many of life’s modern dilemmas.

This book is fun, lighthearted, easy to read and inspiring all at once, and with some insightful reflections – it makes a lovely read for the doubters and the believers.

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