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by kath_red on 01/01/2010

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Dear friends
I do hope all your dreams come true this year – the start of the new year is a time for reflection (after the party has finished and the hangover has dissipated).

For me reflecting on the good things helps me realise how very lucky I am – with 2 healthy gorgeous clever kids and a clever lovely husband. A newly renovated home and a job I don’t hate. But the really special things for me this year have evolved out of my craft blogging experience – books and people and amazing opportunities.

But I am going to take this opportunity to reflect on some particular things – and please feel free to take these prompts and reflect away yourself.

1. most difficult thing you have done this year – and come through on the other side a better person

The house renovation this year was really quite hellish – started last year and finished in the first half of this year – but living amongst the debris, dust, builders and rusty nails was exhausting and stressful. I am amazed it is finished and i didn’t divorce my husband or kill the builders in the process. I think that I have learned a lot from that experience – and I know that my family are stronger because the team work and patience and help we gave each other to get through.

2. most wonderful thing that has happened this year

This year we gave up our TV – we gave to a friend in need – an elderly man down on his luck – lives alone and his tv broke. Once we gave it up we really didn’t feel like replacing it – the opportunity to live without a tv was at once somehow radical but also seemed so right for us. Without a tv we were able to spend more time together as a family – playing board games and reading to each other in the evenings. In fact we started book 1 in the Harry Potter series at the beginning of the year and just finished book 7 a few weeks ago. This year without a tv has also turned out children onto books in a very big way – they each set themselves a challenge to read 20 chapter books each – and they have both exceeded that mark – this is the year they became book worms. Somehow by giving up our tv – we saved our family (slightly over dramatised maybe but true anyway) – that is the best thing that happened this year.

[image courtesy my new favourite blog vita ranunkler]

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1 julie adore January 1, 2010 at 9:21 am



2 karen January 1, 2010 at 11:16 am

Morning Kathreen
Happy New Year! Having done both house renovations and giving up the tv when the kids were younger I was delighting in your comments and my memories but what really has me grinning is clicking on the link to the Vita blog and finding it in another language and thinking, “Hmmmm..??..”
and then catching sight of good ol’ Google and a translate link and another click and – crossing that barrier of language into a far distant person’s life. Thank you!


3 P. A. Manders January 2, 2010 at 2:31 pm

Having raised four kids sans TV I applaud your new TV-less world. No one will ever die having wishing that they’d watched more TV. Kudos!


4 Abbington January 3, 2010 at 4:42 am

We didn’t have a TV early in my marriage, and spent a lot of time playing board games, reading and so on. I often think about giving our TV the same sort of status as the computer, with regards to the kids – in general put away out of sight, and brought out for occasional, specific use.


5 di January 8, 2010 at 11:10 pm

Wishing you a belated new year- Whip up is such a fantastic treasure trove of information and ideas. I’m thoroughly enjoying flicking through your “best of 2009″ posts and look forward to what will appear here in the year to come. My resolution for the year ahead- to read Whip Up more often.
Cheers to all!


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