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by kath_red on 23/07/2010

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Knit Green: 20 Projects and Ideas for Sustainability By Joanne Seiff. Published by Wiley (October, 2009)

I Love the intro to this book, where the author explains that she is a moderate greenie, someone interested in making small changes in their life – I certainly can relate to that. For many of us making big changes like ‘going off the grid’ or only eating locally produced food is but a dream. But making small incremental changes is possible, like eating locally produced food and buying sustainable produced products where we can – every little bit helps. And if you are a crafter then you are already taking this step by making things with your hands instead of buying sweatshop produced items where you can. This books goes a little towards helping the crafter make wiser and more educated choices about the yarns they use in their making.

As well as fresh projects and patterns, like recycled yarn knitted curtains, and hemp floor cushions, there are some nice variations on classic designs like babies blanket and beanies – all using recycled, sustainable or fair trade produced yarns. Along side the projects their are some non-preachy interesting essays on why you should support biodiversity and buy from local farms that use sustainable practices. Find out why organic cotton and sustainable hemp are becoming more popular and why they are ideal as hard wearing yarns – plus they are soft and lovely next to the skin. And learn how to recycle fabrics and garments into usable yarns – and then what to make with them!

[There are a couple of free projects available – the hemp placemats and the Bermuda bag … Knit green is available as an ebook download … and don’t forget to read Joanne’s blog]

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