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by kath_red on 28/07/2010

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Sky magenta has a pattern to crochet her western style breakfast or this needle felted breakfast [thanks knit hacker]

Do you want to make your own crochet, knit or felt breakfast? here are some patterns… needle noodles has a cute crochet breakfast pattern available – complete with waffles, sausages, eggs and pancakes (for a small fee). Sky Magenta’s pattern (pictured above) is also a commercial pattern – super cute. Crochet eggs and toast is available for free from bean sprout creations … and here is a hilarous knit fry up breakfast beret patternBreakfast Time by Sally Byrne is a healthy option of cereal, milk and banana.

Or do you like making felt food – here is a fun breakfast made from felt – pattern available and includes the toaster [image seen here]. … here is a happy breakfast pattern – with croissant and some healthy options too …

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