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by kath_red on 29/07/2010

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Hoping Whipup readers can help out with these two emails requesting crafty advice…

Do whipup readers have any ideas to help Ronan find that perfect crafty travel kit for his girlfriend?

I’m an expat living in Seoul, Korea right now teaching english. My girlfriend is travelling here soon to stay with me until i finish teaching here, then we’re going travelling around Asia for a while. She mentioned a while ago that, while we’re travelling, she would like to buy fabric and make crafts and possibly display/sell them online. I know NOTHING about fabric, making crafts, handmade things, knitting etc. NOTHING. However, i’d like to help especially since her birthday is next month. Could you possibly tell me what kind of tools/utensils people need when they’re hand-making crafts? Particularly people who are on-the-move? I think she has a particular interest in embroidery but also handmade goods in general. I was thinking of preparing or buying some sort of small “craft-making kit” for her.

Can you help Shahanaz find a specific craft?

I am looking for something that was featured on Whipup a while ago, but I cannot remember the name of the craft! It was a craft where you can take a shape, like a triangle for example, then create smaller triangle inside it, but off-setting the starting point equally on each side of the inner triangle to “rotate” the triangle inside, until your desired amount, and then using different coloured paper, sticking them down in regular order, to get a sort of “telescopic aperture” overall look at the end. Can anyone understand or figure out what I’m looking for?

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