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by Admin on 05/10/2010

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September/October brings change of season, and fresh starts and frivolity and seriousness too. So for a break from whipup realtime I am introducing a few weeks of guest bloggers to liven up your crafty experience. To bring you something fresh, and hopefully invigorate you to make and do and be and think! Its going to be a fun few weeks so come along for the ride.

Today I want to welcome one of my favourite independent knitwear designers Lee Meredith, Lee is also a craft writer, photographer, general maker of things, and doer of stuff! She lives in Portland, Oregon, and is widely known around the internet world as leethal. Find her do stuff! blog, designs, etc, over at leethal.net

I’m hard at work designing a set of knit hats which are custom-fitting, any-gauge, with multiple options for style types and top decrease patterns. I absolutely love designing these types of patterns, and then seeing knitters’ versions, which of course all look different from each other, and often with variations I never even thought of myself! I’ve been seeing more knitters drawn to these kinds of pattern recently – I think as more people have been knitting for more years, the idea of customized patterns, having more of a say in what you’re creating, is appealing to lots of creative types.

So, I decided to do some searching around for custom-sized and any-gauge/any-yarn patterns. It’s not an easy thing to search for, and I mostly found many very basic hats, mitts, socks, and scarves, but a few very cool designs in the mix. Here are some of them:

  • First, above is my Skoodlet design – a one size fits all, any-gauge pattern.
  • Kirsten Kapur designed a Beret Recipe for through the loops.
  • Spindle And Wheel offers a Build a Beret formula pattern, by Diane Mulholland.
  • Lara Neel wrote about her Any Gauge, Any Size Hat, with a PDF download for her Simple Hat Recipe.
  • Virginia Tullock designed a seed-stitch Bubble Hat pattern for any yarn.
  • Zayantemom designed an “Almost Pattern” for an Earflap hat, also good for any yarn.
  • Another any-gauge Ear Flap Hat recipe can be found on ravelry, designed by Ruth Stewart.
  • Gardiner Yarn Works has a pattern for an Any-Gauge Reversible Pinecone Scarf, designed by Chrissy Gardiner.
  • Kate Gilbert offers a download for a Generic Sock Pattern – make a top-down sock in any yarn for any foot.
  • Lucia created a kind of sock-making calculator for knitting custom socks, called the Hour Glass Knee Sockulator.
  • Rineke Brouwer designed these custom fitting felted Maryjane Slippers for any weight yarn.
  • Bex Hopkins offers a ravelry download for her Any Size Any Yarn Mittens pattern.
  • On knitty, you can find a customizable, custom fitting skirt pattern – Hey Mickey! by Jacquelyn Landry.
  • Pamela Costello wrote up a very detailed instruction sheet on creating a Custom-fit Raglan Sweater in any yarn.
  • The Complete Fabrication blog offers a pattern for Nameraka – Any Size, Any Yarn Seamless Kimono Jumper.
  • And a couple more of my patterns – I designed the Buttonhead hat, which is any-gauge and custom fitting, with 3 different style/shape options (above). My Waving Chevron Scarf is for any yarn/needles, and can be as wide and as long as you like (below).

    And my Shapeshifter design is not only for any yarn, but it’s also extremely versatile in terms of wearability:

    This is another knitting pattern trend I’ve been spotting lately, which is also awesome! Designs like Infinite Loop by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Eternity Scarf by Michele Wang, and Bertrand Louis by Katushika (all ravelry links) are just a few of the patterns I’ve recently come across with different wearability options – fun!

    Be sure to comment with any fabulous patterns that I missed, with custom-fitting, any-gauge, versatility elements, since I’m sure there are tons more out there! Happy knitting!

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    1 NATALIA October 5, 2010 at 4:57 am

    Guauuu!!! I like this glasses!!!
    Your blog its cool :D
    Excuse for me english ;D
    Kisses from Madrid


    2 bethany October 5, 2010 at 7:38 am

    SUPER CUTE! i love the quirky designs… totally inspirational.


    3 Ashley- OffTheHooks October 5, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    thanks so much!
    these types of patterns are my favorite to work with!


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