2010 guest blogger series: cool weather refashion with Cheri

by Admin on 12/10/2010

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September/October brings change of season, and fresh starts and frivolity and seriousness too. So for a break from whipup realtime I am introducing a few weeks of guest bloggers to liven up your crafty experience. To bring you something fresh, and hopefully invigorate you to make and do and be and think! Its going to be a fun few weeks so come along for the ride.

Today I want to welcome Cheri from I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar, I love this blog – its organised and creative – featuring lots of boy related crafts, refashioning and tutorials – I love these upcycled boys hats that I featured recently on whipup.

I’m Cheri from I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar. I’m excited to be here today because thie site rocks! There are always oodles and oodles of great links and ideas. I wanted to share something for the upcoming cooler weather. I love all the gorgeous hand-knit scarflettes and cowls I’ve seen around, but I have one problem. I don’t know how to knit. Yeah, that’s a bummer. It’s on the to do list. 

I do, however, love to sew and I do have garbage bags full of clothing waiting to be upcycled or refashioned. So today I’m going to show you how to make this scarflette from an old sweater. Here we go!

I took this long sweater and cut out a long rectangle. (My dimensions were about 8 inches by 29 inches.) I flipped the nice finished sides together and sewed around the edges. I left the bottom end open (the one with the ribbed edge).

I inverted it and sewed on two large buttons. I didn’t make real buttonholes, since the scarflette can easily be pulled over my head. I also didn’t bother to sew the end shut, since the buttons keep it in place. Super easy, super cute, and super warm.

Thank you for having me Kathreen! All of you are welcome to drop in and visit my blog anytime. Thanks!

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