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by kath_red on 22/11/2010

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Today I want to introduce you to Laura Burch – 2011 Whipup Calendar’s Miss August: www.lauraleeburch.com

I asked all the calendar girls a few questions:

1. What were your early craft influences/experiences?
I have always been exposed to crafts, art, sewing, building… Everyone in my family made what they needed. My grandmother and mother sewed many of our clothes, curtains, quilts, bedspreads, toys, my father built barns, designed and helped build my childhood home and he made things out of metal on a lathe. There are many “fine artists” on my mother’s side of the family. I specifically remember a wooden rooster, hen and chick set (my dad cut it out of wood for my mother); she decorated the chickens with different colored seeds and beans and hung these on our kitchen wall. This kitchy craft has stayed with me all these years, I’m sure I was influenced by my family’s artistic endeavors.

2. When did you start getting serious about making stuff – what was the ‘light bulb’ moment for you?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been making something; (dolls out of vegetables, painting chairs, making mosaic figures) my career was as a graphic designer and illustrator, but I became serious about “making things” once we moved to Israel. I wanted to dress my girls in cute little, cotton party dresses with Peter Pan collars, but there was no such thing here. My girls played dress up with costumes daily in Chicago, but there are no costumes here (except for costumes of a terrible quality.) I wanted to give nice toys as presents for birthdays; there was nothing nice to buy…That was 10 years ago, it’s a little better now. There was really nothing of quality to wear or play with when we moved to Israel, so I started to make the girls’ clothes, toys and costumes. Israeli’s were unfamiliar with my Mid-western style and always commented on it and asked where they could also buy these things. I opened a children’s boutique full of handmade costumes and toys (for a while clothing); it was a magical boutique, a one of a kind store anywhere. I’ve published two instructional craft books about my favorite things that I designed and made in my store: Sew Magical for Baby and Sew Magical for Kids. I’ve since changed my venue to the internet, www.lauraleeburch.com

3. Name three of your favourite artist/maker/designers who have influences your artistic direction or your craft practice?
My favorite things to make are toys, dolls and puppets. When I first started making dolls, I started sewing teddy bears and I really admired Lori Ann Corelis. Lori made the most adorable bears and rabbits! Another artist I’ve admired for a long time is Mary Englebreit; I’ve always found it interesting as an artist, to see the way she made a career out of her adorable illustrations, fabric prints, collectables and her magazine. Currently, I’m into needle felting and I can’t get enough of the toy artist Natasha Fadeeva. She knits and needle felts the most amazing little creatures

4. What is your favourite material/product to work with? And what three things could you not do without in your craft room?
A really good pair of sharp scissors, many different gauged needle felting needles and different sized needle holders and a measuring tape with inches on one side and centimeters on the other.

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Calendar girls
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