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by kath_red on 23/11/2010

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I am so happy to be part of Kajsa Wikman’s blog tour for her new book Scandinavian Stitches, published by the wonderful Stash books. Kajsa is such a talented and kind person and has had her designs featured in many different books including Whip Up Mini Quilts, so its about time she did her own book. Stash books and Kajsa are giving Whipup readers a chance to win a copy of this book and a set of Kajsa Christmas cards. Tell us your crafty influences. You have 48 hours. closed now – winner will be contacted via email.

Kajsa answered a few questions about her inspiration and designs for the book:

1. Your designs have a wonderful childlike intensity, I know you get a lot of inspiration from your children – can you tell me more about how being a mother informs your work?
Kajsa: Not only do my two little E’s inspire me, they also help me to be much more organised! I think it is very good to have a family when you have a creative job, my children keep my feet on the ground and help me not to spend all my time working. I also think having kids made me more efficient, I know I have to finish projects before they come home from school! I love having a job that I can involve my children in, or just inspire them to create for themselves.

2. You use a lot of vintage and found linens and fabrics, why do you like working with these so much? Can you tell me more about how and where you collect fabric and what sorts of fabric attract you the most?
Kajsa:The world is filled with stuff and sometimes I have a hard time explaining to myself why I should be making even more things! Using materials that have had a previous life is good for my ecological conscience, but I also believe that we have to go back to small scale production if we want to save the world! The challenge of turning a piece of textile someone has abandoned into something new and beautiful inspires me a lot! I recommend going to thrift stores or yard sales in small towns to find vintage linen to a reasonable price! Cotton from 30-50 years back tend to be of much better quality than many of the fabrics you find for sale today. Stick to natural fibres!

3. Your design style seems to sit somewhere in between whimsy, folk and naive art. Can you tell me more about your art background and your influences? Who are your favourite artists and art movements? And can you tell us a little bit about your process – how do you translate your ideas from inspiration to the finished product?
Kajsa: Your definition sounds very nice :) I have no formal art education and feel more comfortable with calling myself a crafter than an artist. I studied Ethnology at the university and this is where I feel I have my roots, I always go back to traditional crafts and with all the international contacts I have I am getting even more interested in digging into my Finnish heritage. Many things inspire me: things I see around me, in books, museums, magazines and on-line. It can be a shape, a person or a beautiful colour. Sometimes my customers and blog readers come up with new ideas for me. Whenever a new idea pops up I scratch it down in one of my many sketch books. One of the motifs for my new yule postcards, the tulip and bird that is now on my blog banner, was found in a painted ceiling in and old manor and museum last Summer. The colours were quite different of course! My favourite art can be found in picture books for children, here are some of my favourites: Tove Jansson, Stina Wirsén, Ilon Wikland, Lena Andersson, Elsa Beskow, and Lauren Child

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Leave a comment here for your chance to win a copy of this book and a set of Kajsa Christmas cards. Tell us your crafty influences. You have 48 hours. closed – winner wil be contacted via email

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