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by kath_red on 20/12/2010

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Closet Monsters: Stitch Creatures You’ll Love from Clothing You Don’t by John Murphy. Lark Books (2010)

John Murphy, after the huge success of his previous books Stupid Sock Creatures, has done it again and made a whole slew of new creatures, this time monsters made from your recycled clothing.

The monsters in this book are seriously cool (you can get an idea of the type of creatures by checking out John’s creature gallery on his website). John is also incredibly ingenious with his use of materials, and about a quarter of the of the book is taken up with how to use various parts of clothing in your monsters design as well as lot of techniques for cutting up clothing and sewing all the body parts. For example the neck of a turtle-neck sweater makes a pretty cool mouth for a monster, as does a zipper pocket from a pair of cargo pants and saved shirt pockets and collars can be used to great advantage in the monsters body.

Patterns are given in the project pages, but you will have to enlarge these using a photocopier or graph-paper, but as they are reasonably basic shapes this should not pose a problem. These same project illustrations give you instructions on cutting out the pattern from your piece of clothing, thus getting the most benefit from recycling. About 8 pages are devoted to each project with really in-depth instructions and how-to illustrations. And for many of the projects you will appreciate this as some of them are quite complex – think monsters with many appendages and strange shaped body parts.

For me though this book is a bit of a revelation – its not like I lack imagination or access to cool ideas – but the guys in this book seem more imaginative and interesting than many I am seen in a while.

[Read an interview with John Murphy here and go to his website and explore his many other critters here]

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