Action Pack: Mini-mag for kids {coming soon}

by kath_red on 24/02/2011

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A bit more of a sneak preview of’s Action Pack: A mini-mag for kids who want to do stuff!

It’s a printable Mini-Mag for kids (aged 7+) in an easy downloadable PDF format. Priced at only $5, and with no advertising, it is jam packed with 20+ pages of craft projects, outdoor activities, cooking, drawing and more, everything a kid needs for a weekend (or two) of activities. Coming 1 March 2011.

We developed this Action Pack as part of our general life and family philosophy:
– We see kids as competent, creative and capable people. We believe that our kids are resourceful and clever and we try to enable them to develop their independence and their creative minds within a secure and nurturing environment.
– We see learning opportunities everywhere. Learning should and can be fun. But we also know that parents are busy and cannot realistically be spending all weekend ‘playing’ with their kids. We want kids to get off the couch, away from the computer and learn the value and fun in making and doing stuff.

We have a whole series of Action Packs planned for the coming year. Oh so many discussions about what to include, what sorts of projects and activities… We knew that older kids – kids on the verge of independence (7+) needed something that was not commercial, but that they could relate to, that had a theme and was filled with a variety of projects and activities. Kids this age need to explore and experiment and so we wanted these packs to have activities that kids could do (mostly) independently. And our last requirement was to always include six essential subjects that kids are interested in: cooking, science, craft, art, freaky facts and outdoor adventure (+ offer bonus printables).

We really love the end result and hope you do too. UPDATE: Available now in our shop.

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