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by kath_red on 07/03/2011

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Today I want to welcome Guillaume Wolf “Prof G.” who is transforming the way we feel about creativity. The French author, teacher and mentor is showing people around the world how they can activate their creative power in any area of their lives. He self published, “The Creative Advantage Book” which reveals his easy, step-by-step formula, so you can learn how to think, feel and act like the best Creatives in the world – to create the results you want. We reviewed his book here.

There is something amazing hidden in every craft project: the capacity you have with your hands to create beauty (sometimes using the simplest of elements). Craft is, in a sense, “beauty created out of nothing” — which is quite extraordinary when you think about it.

Whether you choose to playfully customize an everyday object, or focus on creating unique pieces, the “act of craft” feels like a meditation: the sense of time disappears, and everyday problems seem to vanish. In Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes this state where “Concentration is so intense that there is no attention left over to think about anything irrelevant, or to worry about problems. Self-consciousness disappears, and the sense of time becomes distorted.” This is the bliss of craft.

And when you’re in the zone, this is an opportunity to let your creative mind roam free. New ideas will come to you, untold possibilities will suddenly arise. I call this method to find new creative ideas the S-Process (S stands for subconscious). And while other artists might enter this space through their brains (writers, philosophers, scientists etc.), in the craft sphere it is your hands that serve as an entry point — they are the key to the poetic dimension in your life.

Take a moment and look at your hands — what do you see? Isn’t it interesting that all your life appears on these little fellows? Every single moment that ever counted (good or bad) is here. Your hands carry their own memory and everytime you connect with them, you tap into the wholeness of your life. This is perhaps why craft projects can be so vibrant.

On your next craft project I want to invite you to do two things:
1. Bring a notebook and write down any new idea that comes to you while you’re in the “act of craft.” See what comes up.
2. I also want to challenge you to listen to your hands. What do they want to do next? How far do they want to go?

Listen, and follow their gentle whisper, you may be in it for a treat.

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1 iHanna March 7, 2011 at 8:35 am

What a beautiful post, and so true. I have been thinking quite a bit about my hands since my mom broke her wrist three months ago… How important the hands are!


2 Vicki K March 8, 2011 at 7:20 pm

This is an interesting post. Not too long ago I was struck by my Hand Memory. Some young girls were playing with string and I wanted to show them the string “trick” called witch’s broom. If I concentrated too hard I couldn’t remember the next step but when I simply let my hands go – they seemed to have the movements programmed into them already. It was fascinating to do something that I hadn’t done for at least two decades!


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