Easter Buns Recipe

by kath_red on 24/04/2011

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Happy Easter Weekend to those who celebrate. And just happy weekend to everyone else.

Tradition says that sharing a hot cross bun ensures friendship throughout the year.
As you share your hot cross bun with your friend – chant together:
“Half for you and half for me, between us two shall goodwill be”.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and read and visited and commented and linked to Whipup.net so far this year. Since quitting my day job late last year I have been tweaking the site, working on various projects and just generally getting stuff done! One such project is the Action Packs – a Mini-Mag for kids who want to do stuff.

The April issue (issue 2 – Seeds & Beads) includes a bonus Easter Supplement section and this recipe for Easter Buns. Our Easter buns don’t include any fruit – ’cause thats just the way it rolls in our house. But if you are a fan of fruit in your buns than add in a cup of currants or dried cranberries when you add the flour. Or you could also – for a naughty treat – add a cup of chocolate chips. ooh…

These buns are traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday – so get baking!

The instructions also include directions to make a piping bag and pipe that cross shape over your buns.

Download the 2 page PDF here with instructions and recipe to make the Action Pack.

To purchase the whole of the Action Pack and find out more – go here.
And next month – issue 3 of the Action Pack is ‘Sew & Tea’. And will filled with all things tea related. Plus a bonus Mother’s Day Project!

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