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by KateG on 27/04/2011

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Sockupied Spring 2011, Interweave Press, 2011.

At the moment my knitting is all about socks, so I was pretty excited to get to have a look at Interweave Press’ latest e-zine Sockupied Spring 2011.  I hadn’t played with an e-zine before, and it really feels like fun playing with this one.

Like ordinary paper magazines, or magazines published in .pdf format, this issue of Sockupied has a contents page, articles, patterns, featured products, readers contributions and interviews.  Unlike ordinary paper magazines or magazines published in .pdf format, Sockupied is interactive.  There are videos embedded into each article and pattern, so you can experience a technique being demonstrated, such as how to use one or two circular needles for sock knitting, or unusual stretch bind offs, on the same e-page as the article.  I felt I was a bit like a Muggle reading a Harry Potter-esque wizarding magazine, with the people right there doing their stuff on the page in front of me.  Other interactive elements in this issue of Sockupied include skeins of yarn that bloom onto the screen when mousing over the swatches of silk sock yarn, a great calculator for converting heel types from top down to toe up and back again, and a design template for creating a colour palette for knitting your own version of the included argyle sock pattern.

This issue of Sockupied includes 5 sock patterns, each with a downloadable .pdf patterns, and each with options such as a range of sizing or heel construction choices, or unusual construction elements such as Belgian braid or a sideways cuff, or the option to knit the one pattern from the top down or the toe up.

Like all magazines, Sockupied has some advertising, in this case for other Interweave products, but this magazine is largely content and little advertising.  Being a thrifty lover of free online content, I know that I can find most of what I want or need to do with knitting online, either on YouTube, Ravelry or one of countless knitting blogs and websites, and I wondered if it would be worth paying for an e-zine full of stuff I could get for free.  On sitting down with Sockupied and investigating every article, pattern, and click on feature, I have decided that I quite like having a wealth of information in one place, and with lots of detail, video instruction and photographs all there for me without having to look for it.  I will still be scouting around the www for free and interesting sock knitting resources, but I will be keeping my eye out for the next issue of Sockupied and investigating the other crafting e-magazines that are available.

[You can read more about it here on the Knitting daily site – and read what others are saying in the comments section too]

Title: Sockupied Spring 2011 For Windows PCFor Macintosh
Publisher: Interweave Press
Format: eMag; Requires Adobe Air (FREE Software)
Approximate Retail Price: $14.97
Craft: Knitting (Sock)

About the reviewer: Kate is a busy mother of four with many craft projects on the go, including, but not limited to, crochet, knitting, sewing, dyeing, paper making, spinning, felting and bookbinding. Kate has challenges in the areas of finishing things, saying no and craft supplies storage. She also has a very very patient and tolerant husband.

Disclosure: Interweave Press provided Whipup.net reviewer Kate with a free review copy of Sockupied Spring 2011 eMag.


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1 Ruth April 15, 2011 at 5:06 am

I’ve never tried knitting socks, but this makes me want to!


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