The great outdoors {sneak peak and freebies of the next Action Pack}

by kath_red on 02/06/2011

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Next week I will be launching the next issue of my eMag for kids. So to celebrate and to get you as excited as I am, and to show you what is in store and to encourage you to tell your friends and get one for yourself, I will be offering a few freebies, giveaways and posts – all about kids and families and things to do these coming holidays during the next week leading up to the launch!

Yesterday I launched my new Action Pack website – where you can find out all about the Action Pack – a little bit of background and our philosophy. Plus you can become an affiliate, and you can already grab some freebies from previous Action Packs.

And today I want to give you a little sneaky peak of what you can expect to find inside this bumper issue of  the June / July edition of the Action Pack.

This Action Pack has a whole section on adventure and survival. Including how to make your own fish trap, fishing rod, how to safely light a campfire and detailed illustrations on how to tie seven different knots.

Project excerpt: Make your own Fish Trap using a juice bottle

Download the project excerpt on making your own Fish Trap using a juice bottle. Not only is this a great project for when you are camping, it’s a terrific weekend and holiday project too – if you live near a creek or pond, give this a try – it’s heaps of fun and you never know what you will catch when you come back the next day to check on your trap. The beauty of this trap is that the fish are not harmed – you can let them go if you like, or you can observe and study them for a while, or if you are keen on fishing you might catch some fishies perfect as bait to catch that next big fish!

If you simply can’t wait till next week to get The Great Outdoors issue, our first three issues are still available and are never out of date! Issue 1: Paper + Beeswax and has some great bee, wax and honey themed projects. Issue 2: Seeds + Beads is full of gardening and cooking projects and Issue 3: Sew + Tea is for tea lovers with lots of tasting and tea related sewing crafts.

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1 Diana June 2, 2011 at 10:02 am

The fish trap is great, my boys love the idea!


2 Dace June 3, 2011 at 12:08 am

great, nothing beats live bait caught near fishing grounds, what a great idea!


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