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by kath_red on 05/06/2011

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Each week many of you get a whipup newsletter right in your inbox – you are one of over 6000 subscribers. Wow I know – 6000… that’s awesome! But it is time for a change.

Up till now I have used the feedburner service to send out my newsletter. There is a neat way to configure your rss feeds so that you can create a weekly newsletter. It’s a free service, pretty reliable and easy to use. I have been using it successfully for a couple of years now and have been very happy with it – for what it is.

But now I need more. After some research I have decided to go with a paid service – and have chosen aWeber. There are few reasons for the change – aWeber offers a lot more than a free service – including statistics, tracking, multiple newsletters etc…

In the next couple of days those of you that already receive my newsletter will be sent an email asking you to reconfirm your subscription. The subject of that email will be “Please confirm your subscription to the Newsletter”. You might want to look out for it.

My new newsletter will offer heaps more functionality to me, and lots more cool things for you too. And when you subscribe – or confirm your subscription with the new service over the next few days, you will receive a thank you present from me – in the form of a free sewing pattern via pdf download. Just a little something to thank you for your time in reading

If you don’t already subscribe you can do so right now!

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