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by kath_red on 10/06/2011

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Home all summer long? Long days with kids seem too much? You need to get imaginative experimental.

Kids bored, are you bored .. maybe you are in need of some creative experimentation? Get cooking in the kitchen, make some mud then make some soap! Go on do it! Here are a few experimental science and kitchen based activities you can do with your kids.

Kids of all ages can get involved at some level with these activities – don’t worry about mess – put on your play clothes and let the creativity loose. Give them a little bit of freedom to explore, give them room to stretch their imaginations and see where their creativity takes them!

  1. Watch this video (above) its a fun music video for kids, “Science is Real” by They Might be Giants [via Treehugger]
  2. Make some cool treats
  3. Cook with the kids.
  4. Make tossed icecream.
  5. Make pesto.
  6. Make some soap.
  7. Recycle crayons.
  8. Make bath puffy paint.
  9. Bake some cookies.
  10. Experiments with soap.
  11. Colourful kitchen science.
  12. Mystery messages.
  13. Make chalkboard paint.
  14. Read my 10 favourite things for kids to do.
  15. Make natural homemade playdough – More playdough.
  16. Building Structures into Geodesic Shapes (then eat them!)
  17. Create a sand and water table.
  18. Discover aerodynamics.
  19. Make slime.
  20. Get more experiments and kid activities in my Action Pack.


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