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by kath_red on 18/06/2011

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Since starting up my own kids e-mag, I have become aware of the whole e-magazine world. I knew of many of these e-mags before – but suddenly everyone is doing one! Many of them are free to you the reader, and the publishers can do this because they are funded by advertising. Other mags (like mine) have a minimal price tag attached with no advertising.

Here are a whole slew of e-mags from all over – mostly design, fashion, craft related – you know – gorgeous visual stuff!

Craft / how-to / diy e-mags

  1. Fat quarterly - ($8) is a quarterly quilt magazine.
  2. Knit circus - articles and knitting patterns.
  3. Toffee mag – ($2.99) DIY craft and lifestyle.
  4. Rhythm of the home – eco and family craft.
  5. Nuno magazine - ($3.95) gorgeous style and craft and diy projects.
  6. Craft sanity - ($5) – knitting and craft projects.
  7. Inspired ideas - The crafty life.
  8. - Knitting patterns.
  9. Twist collective – Knitting patterns and articles.
  10. Bustle and sew magazine - ($4.50) Cute sewing patterns

For kids

  1. Alphabet glue - ($4) – Making books and reading inspiration. (ad free).
  2. Action Pack - ($5) – Craft, cooking, science and diy project for kids to make independently (ad free).
  3. Wonderwonderland - (€5) – Partly interactive online kids mag for little kids and parents to explore together. (ad free).

Cooking / lifestyle e-mags

  1. Sweet Paul Magazine – a bit of cooking and a bit of entertaining.
  2. MAEVE Magazine - Intelligent, street smart lifestyle mag with a bit of diy and cooking thrown in.
  3. 79 ideas – craft, cooking and lifestyle.
  4. Delish Magazine – craft, cooking and life issues for the modern woman.

Design / interiors / fashion e-mags

  1. Matchbook mag – lifestyle, fashion and all things glam for the about town girl.
  2. Est - Australian design magazine.
  3. Fryd Design - gorgeous Scandinavian interiors, design and little diy inspiration. (English version too).
  4. Lonny Mag – fashion and style.
  5. Viva la moda - fashion and diy.
  6. Neet magazine - Eco fashion and style for groovy young thangs.
  7. Joie - Style and fashion mag – with a bit of diy thrown in.
  8. Styled - Gorgeous design.
  9. Covet Garden - non-styled real life interiors.
  10. Adore magazine - Australian based home and interior design mag.
  11. Rue mag - design and lifestyle

Parenting and kids style mags

  1. Papier Mache - Australian style and fashion mag – dreamy magical kids styling.
  2. Small magazine - Gorgeous children’s photography and styling, a tiny bit of diy inspiration too.
  3. La petite - life and design for parents with children – more about parenting than about children.
  4. Babiekins - Kids fashion.
  5. lmnop - babies and kids design and fashion.
  6. Modern handmade child - diy and patterns to make accessories and clothing for children.
  7. Tiny and little magazine - for parents wanting to cook and create with their little kids
  8. Connect2Mums - parenting and motherhood magazine for Australian and New Zealand mothers
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