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by kath_red on 21/06/2011

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I seriously love to go camping. I don’t love everything about camping – the dust, the disorganisation, the long car drive, the packing and unpacking – all that is not fun. But what is great is the family togetherness. The cooperation, the cooking, eating and doing together. With no tv or electronic diversions there is a lot of playing cards and backgammon, reading books, sitting chatting, cooking on the campfire. Plus the adventures – swimming, hiking, nature, sounds of the wild, rain and sunshine – being out in the elements! It is all so raw and real.

We often go camping with the kids for a week or two at the most – its all we can manage to get away from work and our lives. But those weeks are wonderful. And when we return we just want to plan the next trip straight away. Next time we are taking off or 4-5 weeks and going on a bit of a bigger adventure halfway across the country – to the desert. To Lake Eyre – one of the biggest lakes in the world – when it fills – which is hardly ever – but it is full now. And along the way we plan to stop off at other interesting and exciting places. Hot springs, beaches, bays, sand dunes and historic sites. There will be quite a bit of dust, dirt roads and desert. But also some amazing landscape, history and nature.

We are not heading off until later in the year – but for now many of you might be doing some travelling and camping of your own – so here are some inspirational stories, adventures, tips, and ideas to get you excited about camping. And if you have kiddos – make sure to take with you a copy of Issue 4 of the Action Pack – which is full of camping and travelling games, recipes, crafts and adventures.

Diy camping projects

Camp cooking and recipes

Camping inspiration and stories

Pretty camping


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1 Mindy June 21, 2011 at 11:02 pm

My husband and I love to camp! I’m looking forward to a trip soon! Thanks for the links I’m going now to check them out!


2 Kelty Tents September 13, 2011 at 5:37 pm

For those new to camping or just got new equipment, like a tent for example, make sure you become familiar with your gear at home before you get to the camping site. Enjoyed the article and the photos.


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