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by kath_red on 01/07/2011

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I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to achieve from my life, what my purpose is, what my creative goals are, personal goals – family goals. Analysing what is important, what I need and what I can live without – and what I can’t live without – what are my priorities? All this angst – just like a teenager – but actually I have never been more sure of myself than I am now – about to turn 40 and I feel like my life is on track – I know what I want – finally! After all these years I have a sliver of a clue!

I was sitting in my local cafe yesterday morning, having a cup of coffee, I was a little early for an appointment and had 20 minutes to kill. So I sat and drank a double shot of espresso (I needed it) and as I sketched a few designs in my journal I listened to the conversations going on around me. A sentence sort of popped out from the general hubbub “I am halfway through my degree and I feel like I haven’t learned anything”. Oh what a gem – here I sit, halfway through my life and only just beginning to feel like I may have worked out a few things.

So what have I worked out?

  1. Life is good
  2. Moon face is acceptable
  3. I look cute with pig tails
  4. My bum is not so fat (just wide)
  5. I should’t drink too much red wine
  6. Food additives are evil
  7. A cup of tea can solve many problems
  8. Acceptance of a messy house is good
  9. I don’t have a green thumb
  10. I don’t need so much stuff
  11. I love books
  12. Crochet is good
  13. Hand stitching is not my forte
  14. I want to have lots of adventures
  15. I love baking but not cooking dinner
  16. I want to raise my own cows/goats/pigs/chickens
  17. Sport is over rated
  18. TV is not essential
  19. Reading is essential
  20. People are amazing
  21. Hats suit me
  22. I need lists and notebooks and calendars
  23. I never want to renovate a house ever again
  24. I yearn to go tramping in New Zealand
  25. Steak and salad is a perfect meal

What have you worked out?


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