The making of ravelry

by kath_red on 17/07/2011

in Community + Creativity

This article on slate “Ravelry and knitting: Why Facebook can’t match the social network for knitters” was sent to me – great must read!

+ Did you know that Ravelry was created in 2007 by Casey and Jessica Forbes, a husband-and-wife team?

+ Did you know that Ravelry has 1.4 million registered users, though only about 400,000 of those are active every month?

What makes Ravelry work so well is that, in addition to being a place to catch up with friends, it is also a boon to its users’ favorite hobby—it helps people catalog their yarn, their favorite patterns, and the stuff they’ve made or plan on making. In other words, there is something to do there.

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