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Anshu is an Asian Indian currently living in San Francisco Bay area with her family. Sewing is her passion. She writes about her adventures with needle and thread at Blooms & Bugs.

Hello Whip Up readers, I’m Anshu. I live in sunny California, with my husband and a 2 year old bundle of energy. I blog about sewing at Blooms & Bugs and have a small etsy shop with the same name. I’m an engineer by day, but sewing is the thing that gets me out of bed every morning. Although I have been sewing on and off since childhood, I rediscovered the joy of sewing and crafting after my daughter was born. I started out with sewing a couple of dresses for her and just couldn’t stop (thank goodness for little girls!).

Now, two years later, I have started blogging about my sewing it started out as a place to journal my sewing projects, but quickly morphed into a forum to inspire people to try sewing as a creative outlet. After talking with quite a few women about sewing I realized that it is perceived as something very complicated and mysterious, which is totally not the case. These days I’m running a series on my blog called Sew Easy where I post a sewing tutorial every week which is geared specially towards beginner sewers so that they can overcome their fears of sewing and whip up (sorry, couldn’t resist) something cool, fast and easy. There are a number of Free Tutorials on my blog, so feel free
to browse a bit while you’re there.
With the birth of my niece last week, newborn gifts are on my mind these days…
Here’s a tutorial for making a knotted hat for newborns.
I love making and gifting these hats… because they are useful and practical?… naah… because seriously, what’s cuter than a teeny-tiny hat on a teeny tiny head. The fact that hats are particularly pricey and difficult to find in ready-to-wear clothes doesn’t hurt either. So without further ado… here’s how to make one:
Knotted hat:
  • Knit fabrics: Take 2 pieces of same fabric or two different fabrics – use up those scraps that are too big to throw away but too irregular to make into a dress, top etc.
  • Print out the pattern [PDF page 1 and page 2], tape the two pages as shown and cut out both pieces of the pattern (total of 3 cuts – piece 1 spans both pages and piece 2 is on page 1. Once you cut out all the three pieces, tape both parts of Piece 1 by overlapping the small part over the bigger part, up to the dash (-) mark.
  1. Fold each fabric in two layers, then fold one more time. Place each pattern piece on fold and cut. So now you have two pieces of #1 and two pieces of #2.
  2.  Sew together pieces of #1 along the conical side, right sides together. Sew together pieces of #2 along the semi-circular side, right sides together.
  3. Now join #1 and #2 by sewing along the raw edge, right sides together. Leave about 2 inch opening.
  4. Using the opening, turn the whole thing inside out. Use a pencil or point turner to poke the cone out on fabric #1. Push the fabric #2 inside fabric #1.
  5. Tie a knot with the cone of fabric #1.
If the hat is a little big, you can turn some of the bottom out to fit the head of the baby. The best part is that these hats don’t have a any inside seams to bother the baby skin. Enjoy your little munchkin…hats and all.
Thanks a lot to for having me here today.


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1 Lin Duncan September 1, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Love the Baby “Knot” hat. I have several new born babies due and they will be fun to make and fun to receive.

Thanks so much – Lin Duncan


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