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by Admin on 13/11/2011

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Vicki Burkinshaw is the ‘GM’ (General Motivator) of Bizness Babes. She leads a team of dedicated trainers in devising programs and providing support to a growing band of Australian women who are using business to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Ever wondered how you could make some money from a hobby or do you have an idea that you just don’t know what to do with?

Bizness Babes is a not-for-profit organisation that works with women to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. Over 65% of Bizness Babe graduates start a business and a further 15% go into or return to employment. What began with four women in Melbourne has expanded into a national programme that has seen hundreds of micro-businesses launched and countless lives transformed in the past five years. The programmes offered by Bizness Babes not only break down barriers by demystifying business, but they also build self-esteem and help create positive peer groups and networks. The Course teaches participants about business basics, how to identify target markets, financial management, forecasting, budgeting and assists participants in finding their unique selling proposition.

Participants in the Bizness Babes programmes are encouraged to define their own success, whether that is simply about earning a modest income from a hobby or developing a multi-million dollar business. The programme teaches participants how to develop their businesses and then they can grow them as far as they aspire.

Our new book is our latest venture and that is what I want to tell you about today. To create this book I took the content of our 11-day Small Business Development Programme and turned it into a practical and inspirational book. The focus of the book and the programmes is helping women to create successful businesses that achieve their goals and work around their lifestyles. For some Babes success means being able to choose salmon over sausages for dinner, for others it is the chance to take their family on a trip across the world to be reunited with their extended family and for some like Tina it’s both.

Let me tell you about Graduate Bizness Babe, Tina. Tina completed the programme in 2008 with an idea for importing a product. During the programme she realised that her true passion lay in cooking and she came up with an idea for a personalised chef service and so ‘Spaghetti Arms’ was borne. ‘Spaghetti Arms’ allowed Tina to work for herself around her number one priority; her family – and take them on a trip to Greece to be reunited with her father after 26 years. Spaghetti Arms has not only enabled me to be a better mum, but has helped me regain my confidence and have the knowledge that I can assist in providing for my family says Tina.

Some of the businesses were created for a gap in the market such as Mama Love’s Nicole Beck who created a gorgeous range of maternity sleep and day wear. Others begin from hobbies; Kate McLean began making clothes for her little girls just over a year ago. After attending the Small Business Development workshop she created her brand, Whale Spout and now sells her products through her online store.

The Bizness Book is available here

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