Project excerpt from Nuno magazine: Paper bag owl

by kath_red on 17/11/2011

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Hello Whipup Readers! I’m Elizabeth of Nuno Magazine and my sister Rachel and I just completed our 5th issue, Star Gazing. The projects in Star Gazing were inspired by a walk in the woods on an autumn evening. I very happy to be here today, sharing one of those projects with you. This little hooty owl was created using a cereal box, a grocery bag and a little acrylic craft paint.

Paper Bag Owl How-to:

#1: Use the templates [Download the owl templates from here] to cut the owl body and wings from cereal box card. Paint the plain brown paper side of the pieces with black acrylic (or tempera) paint.

#2: Slit a large paper grocery bag up the side and cut off the bottom.

#3: Flatten the resulting rectangular piece. You may need to use a medium heated iron to smooth out folds.

#4: Paint an approximately 6 x 6 inch/15 cm section of the bag with yellow paint. Paint the remainder of the bag with black paint. Let paint dry.

#5: Cut eyes and beak from yellow painted portion of bag. There is no template for the beak.

#6: Cut black portion of bag into 1.5 inch/4 cm strips. Use scissors to fringe each strip. Leave 4 strips unfringed.

#7: Beginning at the base of the owl and the tips of the wings, use stick glue to attach an unfringed strip to each piece (on the printed side). Continue adding fringed strips until you have reached the tips of the ears and the tops of the wings.

#8: Use white liquid glue to attach eyes, beak and wings to the owl’s body.

#9: Use a paint brush with a small amount of yellow paint on it to lightly brush the tops of the wings and tips of the ears to define those areas.

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