2012 calendar profiles: October + December

by kath_red on 19/11/2011

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Profiling the work of the lovely featured artists/makers in the 2012 Whipup.net calendar. I asked all the participants a few questions…

Kate Lilley is from the UK and runs the super cute blog Minieco. She is October!

What is your favourite craft of choice:
I am a Jack of all trades master of (absolutely) none
Who/what/where are your three main craft/design influences
This question is too hard because there are too many artists/designers whose work I love. However today I am thinking about:
Chris Ofili – I have been a long time lover of his work. Photographic representations of his work don’t do them justice at all!
Beci Orphin Such a cool illustrator/designer. I love all that she does.
Charley Harper I only actually discovered his work a few years ago. His illustrations blow me away!
Why do you feel the need/drive to make things?
It’s just a part of my biological makeup I think.

3. What is your favourite crafty resource 
Whipup :) Pinterest and my swann-morton craft knife (no 3 handle)!
4. What music inspires you to create?
Folk, indie, progressive house, rock, opera, Abba(!)…kind of depends on the mood really!
5. What do you do when you have a creative block?
Creative blocks are like cats! Forget about it, stop trying, and it usually comes.

Francesca Mueller is from Italy – her blog is FuoriBorgo and she loves to crochet. She is our December girl!

My creative studio/space: yes, it looks like a kitchen table, because it is a kitchen table!  In our small house, that’s where much of my crafting takes place, in the midst of my kids’ schoolwork and activities, and of meal prep.  Although a little creative space of my own would be ideal, I’ve learned that a family kitchen table works just fine, and packing everything away at meal times isn’t as daunting as it seems.

Who/what/where are your three main craft/design influences
– Rosa Pomar of A Ervilha Cor de Rosa – for her passionate and proactive interest in (and knowledge of) the history and preservation of traditional crafts.
– Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy – for the quiet and delicate way in which she stitches into her work the inspiration she draws from her days and from the nature around her.
– Liivia of Via – for her blogging style and amazing ability to capture both the small details and the bigger picture in her photos.
Why do you feel the need/drive to make things?
Making things is something I love, and it’s also just part of my lifestyle.

Images: African Flower blanket :: Upcycled wire Christmas tree :: Kitchen table/creative space

What is your favourite crafty resource?
My main resource is our daily family life: when something is needed that can be made by hand, I have a go at it – and most often it works. If a blanket is needed, I make one.  At Christmas time, I make a tree with upcycled wire and crochet snowflakes. When my boys go to camp, I make travel laundry bags from a pattern my grandmother once sewed for me (here). And if the plug for an appliance needs replacing … I call my husband.
What music inspires you to create?
My kids more often than not get to choose (or make) the music in our house, which is sometimes a bit of a cacophony, but I’m ok with it for now.
What do you do when you have a creative block?
When I can’t find the right inspiration to make something in a way that I like, I often turn to the wonderful little community of elderly farmers and artist friends we have around here, or to the Internet.  
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