2012 Calendar profiles: January + July

by kath_red on 20/11/2011

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Profiling the work of the lovely featured artists/makers in the 2012 Whipup.net calendar. I asked all the participants a few questions…

Trula is a mother of 2 living in Barcelona. She tries not to let the madness of every day life as a working mother get to her. So she sews, and draws and takes pictures. But mostly sews – clothes for her kids and their friends. Blog :: Trula is January!

What your three main craft/design influences
To be honest, my main influences are my kids and general urban life.

Why do you feel the need/drive to make things?
I like making things. I prefer it to simply consuming and also greatly enjoy the process. The ideas, the experimenting, acquiring the skills, working with my hands. If I can involve my kids in the process, even better. Their view on things is so different. And even though their demands for pink, princesses or cartoon characters considered cool amongst the 2 – 6 year olds often present me with challenges, the result is always a richer experience.

What is your favourite crafty resource
I think one of my favourite resources is the ‘Los Encantes’ market in Barcelona. You can find such great things there and not one visit is like the next, no matter how often I go.
I also really like Pinterest as a tool to organise tutorials and generally inspiring things found on the web. You can find me here.

What music inspires you to create?
I listen to a lot of music. Especially when I am sewing. Here is a stream of music I like.

What do you do when you have a creative block?
I find the best thing for me is to just start making something. Something easy, something I’ve made before that doesn’t require exploring new ground. And normally, the actual making sparks new ideas.

Marcie Cuff lives in the United States, her favorite craft is Felting wool and she blogs at Mossymossy. She is July!

Tell us your three main craft/design influences
Katie Runnels “The Constant Gatherer” :: Elisabeth Dunker “Fine Little Day” :: Kayte Terry “Love Forever

Why do you feel the need/drive to make things?
I am prone to hiding sparkly scraps and bits away in cabinets and crevasses and corners—tiny morsels of futureday or of yesterday or the day before that. I suppose I believe in finding usefulness in these little bits in playful and (sometimes) functional projects—with my kids, exploring the beauty of everyday things and happenings—the messy, the comical, the unexpected. Before this, for a long time, I ran around and did a bunch of stuff for other people. Now I do other things. Smaller, slower things. But, sometimes it’s the things you do while standing still that make up who you are. And make a difference.

Images: Workshop photo :: Felted soap :: Swittens :: Craft catalog

Your favorite crafty resource?
I keep lots of craft supplies in an old library card catalog cabinet near a little workbench. Drawers are labeled with names of contents—ribbon, fabric, buttons, glue, scissors—it’s not fancy, and most supplies are simply remnants from past projects, but it’s a good place to go and quietly tinker with things.

What music inspires you to create?
Lately I’m mostly inspired by a mix of folk-y alternative rock blues-y artists like Nick Drake, Josh Ritter, Richard Thompson, Bowerbirds, Wailin’ Jennys, John Prine, Wilco, Ben Harper, Bonnie Raitt, Alexi Murdoch, Iron and Wine, Whiskey & Co, Old Crow Medicine Show, Fleet Foxes—a jumble of old school and new.

What do you do when you have a creative block?
A creative rut is my brain telling me to take a break and refuel. I bail out, grab my kids, get outside, run around, pull myself together, put on a new face, and jump back in. Or sometimes I make myself an ice cream sundae and wait patiently.

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