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by kath_red on 01/12/2011

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I am very excited to almost be able to introduce to you the Celebration issue of Action Pack Magazine for kids. This issue is a whopper – and is coming together at last. I had hoped to release it today – alas there are a few final touches that need to happen before I can do that – but by Friday – I promise it will be here!

In the meantime here is a little taster of what you can expect…

  • Recipes: cookies and holiday treats from around the world (9 recipes)
  • Decorations: – ornaments, wreaths, banners and a nativity scene (8 projects)
  • Games and gifts: – Wintry scenes to cut out and display, cards and gift tags, dress ups and games to make and play with (6 projects including printables)

Am very excited to be introducing lots of contributors in this issue too: 

  • Verity Heysen Kizek: Verity is a illustrator just moved from Istanbul to Australia. In Istanbul, she loved going for walks around her local neighbourhood with her four year old son Yashar, and catching the ferry across the Bosphorus.
  • Lorraine Teigland: Lorraine loves cardboard and sewing. She used to be a Science teacher but now stays home with her three daughters Emily (age 7), Jenna (age 5) and Kate (age 3). All three girls love art and craft, princess, dolls, dressing-up, dancing, baking and inventing. Together, they have made many cardboard things, including dollhouses, cars, scooters, traffic lights, ships, trees, a train and a grocery store. Lorraine is also slowly teaching them to sew toys, clothes and bags for themselves and their dolls.
  • Kathreen Ricketson (thats me): Kathreen is the founder of Action Pack, she lives in Canberra Australia with her husband Rob and their two children: Orlando (9-yrs old) and Otilija (11-yrs old). They have some chooks and recently added a pair of ducklings to their family (their names are Five-spice and Soy-sauce).
  • Joanie Gorman: Joanie lives in Hampshire, England with her children, Tristan (13) and Grace (almost 10) and their dog Pippi (18 months). Joanie is a writer and art teacher and makes a mean chocolate brownie. You can often find her with her kids in the woods with their funny little border terrier.
  • Carina Envoldsen-Harris: Carina lives in England but is originally from Denmark. She has lots of crafty adventures in embroidery, crochet and sewing. When Carina isn’t crafting or drawing you can probably find her watching Star Wars!
  • Clare Collins: Clare is from Perth, Western Australia, and lives on a sail boat in Mexico with her husband, Ken, and their four children, Matthew, Drew, Isabelle and Nico. They collect dolls made by the indigenous people of the countries they visit and they love learning about different crafts and celebrations.
  • Francesca Mueller: Francesca lives with her husband and three children in an ancient village in northern Italy, perched on a limestone cliff by the Mediterranean. They love to grow vegetables, cook delicious food, go on nature walks and whittle wood as well as many other creative things.
  • Pascale Mestdagh: Pascale has two daughters, 8 and 11 years old. They all live in Paris, France, where they like to create with fabric, yarn, wool, paper, paint and glue. They give each other unlimited inspiration.!
  • Anna Hytonen: is mother to Agnes and Leo. They take turns to celebrate Christmas in both Finland and Sweden, as they have family in both countries.
In the meantime I have packaged together all seven issues so far this year – and you can get them all for a discounted price … 

Available here and now – or go to the shop to purchase it from there.

This is an e-magazine – you will receive a download link to a high quality printable pdf

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Action Pack 2011 Bundle: Issues 1-7: Set of 7 Action Pack Magazines. Includes Issues 1-7. Save $ by buying the whole set only $30. Great gift for the active, creative children in your life!

  • :: Issue 1: Paper + Beeswax (Origami projects, beeswax & honey projects)
  • :: Issue 2: Seeds + Beads (Beaded dragonfly, cooking and growing seeds)
  • :: Issue 3: Sew + Tea (learn about tea, sew a tea cosy & a play tea set)
  • :: Issue 4: Great Outdoors (bumper issue 80 pages of outdoor crafts, adventures and cooking)
  • :: Issue 5: Chalk + Cheese (Learn how to make your own chalk, cheese and other crafty projects using these materials)
  • :: Issue 6: Zap + Zest (Bumper issue around the themes of electricity and citrus)
  • :: Issue 7: Sticks + Stones (Projects using lots of natural materials).
What do you think of the cover of the new Celebration issue? … so hard to get kids to take a not too silly photo! Just bribe them with the pavlova they just finished making.

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