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by kath_red on 11/12/2011

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The pictures above and below are just a few of the outtakes from the cover photoshoot for the newly released Dec/Jan Issue of Action Pack Magazine for Kids. The theme is Celebration – and I set this simple shoot up by asking the kids to decorate themselves and eat some pavlova – sounds simple enough right! but it never is that simple … there were arguments and irritations, giggles and silliness – and finally some really fun and funny pictures – the final pic is here on the cover – and it’s a gorgeous image – but I couldn’t resist showing you some of the behind the scenes images that didn’t make it.

This week I …

Moved more furniture around – its my annual pre-holidays clear out and re-arrange – do you do that too? I feel like I am never exactly quite satisfied with the arrangement of furniture: a couch meant to be a cosy reading corner turns into a dumping ground for clean to-be-folded washing, a bench supposed to be for nicely displaying nick nacks turns into a dumping ground for books, bills and half finished science projects, a set of wall hooks meant to be used for rain coats instead is piled full with all the coats. So I moved some things – put some things away, hopefully it will help?

This week I …

Didn’t do the crafting and making and crocheting I was going to do – there are unfinished projects and craft supplies everywhere – instead I worked on a freelance editing job – because a little cash over Christmas is a welcome thing.

This week I …

I spent too much time on the computer – but I did ignore twitter – because I really had to prioritise that computer time – I didn’t do any useless browsing or online shopping or social networking 0r any of that stuff – I did send out some marketing emails and I did write my newsletters and did reply to some of the backlog of emails in my inbox – clearing out the inbox is quite a relief!

This week I …

Spent rather a lot of time drinking eggnog for breakfast (without the brandy!), having coffee with friends, wrapping presents and going to school concerts.

And this weekend I …

Plan to and am doing more of the same … plus a little more holiday baking and more christmas wrapping and hopefully some christmas crafting too.

What about you?

This is what some other folks are doing …


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1 Maya December 11, 2011 at 7:33 am

Wow.. you’ve been pretty busy this week!
Have to make a thorough check of the link list! Have a lovely Sunday!


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