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Ricami e Pizzi is an Italian embroidery shop specializing in the sale of hand-embroidered household linens. For the past 10 years, the on-line sale of hand-embroidered items such as center-pieces, tablecloths,  bedding sets, curtains, Christening gowns, wedding favor bags and wedding sets has linked tradition and modernity; this has been made possible by the professional service and commitment to customers, along with a passion for embroidery and lace, that have always characterized the founder members.

Tell us about your background and how you started your business.

The idea of having  products on the web was born from the need of offering a 24-hour-store where purchases are made by the ease of one click and where even the farthest customers can be reached without stealing from them a most important resource: their time. The Granati family, in the embroidery market since 1922, have thus launched Ricami e Pizzi: a combination of their passion for handwork and the modernity that has been slipping into the company day by day.

The history of Ricami e Pizzi began in 1922, when the grandparents of the current owners started the auction sale of rugs, fabrics and household linen, hand-embroidered and not, in the province of Bergamo. Later on, one generation after the other, the family moved to other areas of Italy and in 1980’s ended up in Treviso; once there, their children and grandchildren opened up a wholesale and retail business of household linen embroidered by hand.

Embroideries for sale are all of Italian design whereas their making is split between Italy and other foreign markets, especially European, South American and Middle Eastern. Our aim is to always offer first quality embroideries, as regards materials and handiwork, too; this requires careful selection along with special attention in terms of origin.

Ricami e Pizzi is also a real life store within the walls of the Historical Center of Treviso — for those customers who still love the city and are driven by the curiosity to find out and touch every single item. In 2006 we opened our online store “Ricami e Pizzi” for online sales: a new chapter of the book of the Granati family.

What are you most excited about in your business right now?

The most sensational aspect of the activity of Ricami e Pizzi is exactly this ability to enter everyone’s home and furnish the space in each room by coupling tradition and modernity, in accordance with customers’ needs. Where love for hand-made items is shared, different personal styles and habits are given the opportunity to relate to each other.

What is your dream for the future of your business?

The art of embroidery is definitely well-known and appreciated all over the world but is also part of a trend not always noticed or deemed of interest. In particular, the new generations, taken by technology and emerging fashions as well, often reject the elegance or value of certain works. The dream for the future business of Pizzi e Ricami is to be able to reach all age groups and turn the art of embroidery into a lifestyle rather than having it represent part of a past destined to be only tradition.

Giveaway prize

Pizzi e Ricami are offering a giveaway prize to one winner: Pure white linen runner edged by a hand-embroidered single knotted cluster valued at € 39.00.

Please leave comment here – the competition will be open for 48 hours – the winner will be notified by email. 

Now closed – the winner is Sonja comment #39 – thanks everyone for entering.

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