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by kath_red on 18/01/2012

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Last week I discussed my quest for taking things slowly this year … slowly is not about doin’ nothin’ – in fact quite the opposite. It is about intentional doing (and not doing). Instead of lazing about because you are uncertain about how to proceed with your day — do one important task and then take a break from life and read a book without guilt or anxiety; and instead of running to the shop for a quick fix meal because looking through the pantry and cooking something worthwhile is difficult — take 2 minutes to assess the ingredients on hand and make something simple; and instead of procrastinating on trying that new recipe/idea/project because you didn’t get around to researching it properly yet — make a list and tick one thing off every day. Intentional doing, does not have to be big or difficult – just purposeful.

For example – I have been washing my hair with bi-carb soda and rinsing in vinegar – yep – I have ditched shampoo in favour of something cheaper, easier and better for me and for the environment. However it took me a while to get to this point – I had to research and understand and then have a reason to do it and then I had to justify to myself. But really all I needed to do was just intentionally make a simple change. [There are lots of resources for how-to do this online – simple mom is a good place to start]

For example – for a long time I made my own laundry detergent. Again its easy and cheap and it works perfectly fine. But for some reason a few months ago, when I ran out, I got too busy to make up a new batch, so I bought some and then when that ran out I bought some more. And before you know it I was out of the habit, didn’t have time for this very simple half hour task once a month. Now I am back and realise why I love it so much. [You can google so many recipes – and can make a dry mix or a liquid mix]

Now onto other things:

  • This past week at whipup I wrote a three part series on getting your craft book published – feel free to email me or comment with any questions you might have. Part 1 Part 2Part 3.
  • Also I would love for you to fill in my survey if you have not done so already – a couple of minutes of your time is all I ask – I’ll be posting the results next week.
  • Make sure to go to wikipedia today and read more about PIPA and SOPA

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